How to Link Your Android Phone With Windows 10?

Your Phone app . Once your phone is synced with your PC, you will receive all the notifications on the PC as well as on your mobile and you would be able to wirelessly transfer photos back & forth. But to use this feature you must be running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. You can use the steps mentioned in this post to link your phone to Windows 10 PC with ease.

In today’s era, a lot of smartphones has tons of feature using which you can perform all the work on your smartphone rather than using your desktop or PC but still, there are few things which smartphones can’t do and for that purpose, you need to use your PC to complete the task. And what better way to work than to integrate your phone with your PC? Well, Microsoft understands this and they have rolled a feature called “Your Phone” app using which you can link your Android phone with Windows 10 PC.

How to Link Your Android Phone With Windows 10

Once you connect your phone to your PC or computer using the Your Phone app then you will be able to perform all the actions of the phone using your PC. There are many advantages of using the Your Phone app:

  • It will let you push web pages from your phone to your PC
  • You will receive notifications from Android apps, that are installed in your phone, on your Windows 10 Action Center.
  • You can reply to any text that you will receive on your phone from your Windows 10 PC
  • You can transfer photos, videos, files, and other documents back and forth wirelessly
  • A new feature of screen mirroring is also on its way

Now you might be wondering how to actually connect your phone to your PC using the Your Phone app, well don’t worry as in this guide we will cover the method step by step, explaining how you can easily connect your Android phone with your Windows 10 PC.

How to Link Your Android Phone With Windows 10 PC

Before start connecting your phone to your PC, you must have a working phone number, Android device and a computer or PC running Windows 10 OS. Once you have arranged all the pre-requisites then let’s start linking your phone to your PC:

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings or search for Settings in the Windows search bar.

2.From the Settings app click on the Phone option.

3.Now to link your Android phone with your PC, click on the “Add a phone” button.

Note: Make sure the Android phone which you wish to connect and the PC, should both have an active internet connection.

4.Now from the “Let us know your phone type” screen select Android.

5.On the next page, select your country code from the drop-down then enter your phone number using which you want to link your Android phone with Windows 10.

6.Next, click on the Send button to receive the verification code on your phone.

7.Check your phone and you will find a text message containing a link.  

8.When you will click on that link, it will redirect you to the Microsoft Launcher app available under the Google Play store on your Android phone.

9.Click on the Install button to download & install the above application in order to start linking your phone to your PC.

10.Once the app is finished installing, click on the Get Started button.

11.On the next screen, click on the “Got it” button to continue.

12.Finally, your phone will be linked to your Windows 10 PC and you access it under Windows 10 Settings > Phone option. 

Note: You can confirm whether your phone has linked with your PC or not by navigating to the Phone option under Windows 10 Settings.

13.Now test if your phone is properly connected to your PC or not by following the below steps:

  • Open any website on your phone using any browser.
  • Long press on the link you want to share on PC.
  • A menu will open up. Click on the Share link option from the Menu.
  • Click on Continue to PC option.
    Note: If you are sharing for the first time then you will need to login to your Microsoft account and approve the connection via Microsoft Authenticator. Once you will sign in then you won’t need to repeat this process unless you sign out from your account or choose a different device.
  • After you are successfully signed in, your phone will scan the network that is available & capable of receiving the items you are sharing.
  • Select the PC or desktop to which you want to share the item.
  • When you will send the particular item to your PC, you will receive a notification in the Action Center saying that an item has been sent from your Android phone to your PC.


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Once the above steps are completed, then your Android phone will be successfully linked to your Windows 10 PC and data sharing is also successful.