Easily View Chrome Activity On Windows 10 Timeline

Are you looking for a way to view Google Chrome activity on Windows 10 Timeline? Don’t worry Microsoft has finally released a new Chrome Timeline extension using which you will be able to integrate Chrome activity with the Timeline.

In the present scenario, technology is growing every day, and there are very fewer things available which you cannot get or achieve using technology. The biggest source that provides you knowledge and resources about these technologies is the Internet. Today the Internet plays a very important part in our life. Most of the day to day tasks of life like paying bills, shopping, searching, entertainment, business, communication, and many more are completed using the Internet only. The Internet has made life so easy and comfortable.

Today almost everyone uses electronic devices like laptops, computers, PCs, etc. to work. Now, with the help of devices like laptops, it has become easier to carry your work wherever you go. But still, there are some industries or companies where you cannot carry your laptops, or they want you to work on their devices only, or you are not allowed to carry any other portable devices, like USB, pen drive, etc. so, what if you start working on some project or documentation or presentation there and you need to continue it somewhere else. What will you do in such a situation?

If you are talking about the time when Windows 10 didn’t exist, then there might be no option available. But now. Windows 10 provides a new and very useful feature called the ‘Timeline’ that allows you to continue your work from anywhere and from any device.

Timeline: The Timeline is one of the very useful features that was recently added to Windows 10. The timeline feature allows you to continue your work from wherever you have left it on one device on another device. You can pick up any web activity, document, presentation, applications, etc. from one device to another. You can resume only those activities which you are performing using your Microsoft account.

One of the main drawbacks with the Windows 10 feature, the Timeline, was that it was not able to work with Google Chrome or Firefox, which means that you would be able to pick up your web activities only if you were using Microsoft Edge as your web browser. But now Microsoft has introduced an extension for Google Chrome that is compatible with the Timeline and will allow you to resume your work in the same way as the timeline feature allows you to do for Microsoft Edge. The extension that is introduced by Microsoft for Google Chrome is called Web Activities.

Now, the question arises, how to use this Web Activities extension in order to use the Timeline feature. If you are looking for the answer to the above question, then keep reading this article as in this article you will find the step by step process on how to add Chrome extension Web Activities and how to use it to resume your work.

Easily View Chrome Activity On Windows 10 Timeline

In order to start using Web Activities extension for Google Chrome, first of all, you need to install the extension. To install the Web Activities Chrome extension to support the Timeline feature, follow the below steps:

Chrome Web store .

Web Activities .

3.Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to Google Chrome.

4.The below pop up box will appear, then click on Add extension to confirm that you want to add the extension web Activities.

5.Wait for a few moments for the extension to be downloaded and installed.

6.Once the extension is added, the below screen will appear, which will now show the option ‘Remove for Chrome‘.

7.A Web Activities extension icon will appear on the right side of the Chrome address bar.

Once the Web Activities extension appears at the Google Chrome address bar, it will be confirmed that the extension is added, and now the Google Chrome can start working with the Windows 10 Timeline support.

To start using Google Chrome Web Activity extension for Timeline support, follow the below steps:

1.Click on the Web Activities icon that is available on the right side of the Google Chrome address bar.

2.It will prompt you to sign in with your Microsoft Account.

3.Click on the Sign-in button to log in with your Microsoft account. The sign-in window as shown below will appear.

3.Enter your Microsoft email or phone or skype id.

4.After that password screen will appear. Enter your password.

5.After entering your password, click on the Sign in button.

6.When you are successfully logged in, the below dialog box will appear asking your permission to let the Web Activities extension to access your info like profile, activity, etc on your timeline. Click on the Yes button to continue and to grant access.

7.Once you grant all the permissions, the Web Activities icon will turn blue, and you will be able to use Google Chrome with the from Windows 10 Timeline, and it will start tracking your websites and will make the activities available to your Timeline.

8.After completing the above steps, you will be ready to access your timeline.

9.To quickly access the timeline on Windows 10, there are two methods:

  • You can access the timeline using the Taskbar button
  • You can access the timeline on Windows 10 using the Windows key + tab key shortcut.

10.By default, your activities will be opened using your default browser, but you can change the browser anytime to Microsoft Edge by clicking on the Web Activities icon and by selecting the Microsoft Edge option from the drop-down menu.


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So, by following the above steps, you will be able to install and use Google Chrome Web Activities extension for Windows 10 Timeline support.