9 Ways to Fix Netflix App Not Working On Windows 10

If you’re trying to fix the Netflix app not working on Windows 10 issue then don’t worry as thousand of others have faced a similar situation where their Netflix app doesn’t work and they are left with no choice but to opt other methods of watching Netflix videos or movies on their PC. But don’t worry as today in this guide we will discuss various ways via which you can resolve this issue easily. But before moving forward let’s just understand a little more about the Netflix and underlying issue.

Netflix: Netflix is an American media services provider founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The company’s main business model is its subscription-based streaming service which allows customers to stream a plethora of films, TV series, documentaries, including those produced in-house. All the content on Netflix is ad-free and the only thing which you required to use Netflix is a good internet connection provided you’re a paid member.

Netflix is one of the most popular & best video streaming services out there but nothing is perfect, so there are various issues that arise while streaming Netflix on your PC. There are various reasons behind the Windows 10 Netflix app not working, crashing, not opening, or unable to play any video, etc. Also, customers have complained about a black screen on their TV when they start Netflix and because of this, they are unable to stream anything.

Why Isn’t Netflix App Working on Windows 10?

There are various reasons because of which Netflix isn’t working but some of them are listed below:

  • Windows 10 not up-to-date
  • Date & time issue
  • Netflix app might be corrupted or outdated
  • Graphics drivers are outdated
  • DNS issues
  • Netflix might be down

But before you try any advance troubleshooting methods, it is always recommended to make sure of the following:

  • Restart your PC
  • Always try to restart the Netflix app when you face any issues
  • Check your internet connectivity as you need to a good internet connection to stream Netflix
  • The date & time settings of your PC must be correct. If they are not correct then follow this guide .

After performing the above, if your Netflix app is still not working properly then try the below methods.

How to Fix Netflix App Not Working On Windows 10

Below are given different methods using which you can fix your problem of Netflix app not working on Windows10:

Method 1: Check for Updates

It can be possible that the Netflix app is not working problems arising because your Windows is missing some crucial updates or the Netflix app is not updated. By updating the Windows and by updating the Netflix app your problem may be resolved.

To update Window follow the below steps:

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings then click on Update & Security.

2.From the left-hand side menu, click on Windows Update.

3.Now click on the “Check for updates” button to check for any available updates.

4.If any updates are pending then click on Download & Install updates.

5.Once the updates are downloaded, install them and your Windows will become up-to-date.

To update the Netflix app follow the below steps:

1.Open the Microsoft Store by searching for it using the search bar.

2.Hit the enter at the top result of your search and the Microsoft Store will open up.

3.Click on three dots icon available at the top right corner.

4.Now click on the Downloads and updates.

5.Next, click on the Get updates button.

6.If there are any updates available then it will be automatically downloaded & installed.

After updating your Windows and Netflix app, check if your Netflix app is now working properly or not.

Method 2: Reset the Netflix App on Windows 10 

By resting the Netflix app to its default settings, the Netflix app may start working properly. To reset the Netflix Windows app, follow the below steps:

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings then click on Apps. 

2.From the left-hand menu, select Apps & features then search for Netflix app in the search box.

3.Click on the Netflix app then click on the Advanced options link.

4.Under Advanced options, scroll down and find the Reset option.

5.Now click on the Reset button under the Reset option.

6.After resetting the Netflix app, your problem may be fixed.

Method 3: Update Graphics Drivers

update graphics card drivers  and resolve the Netflix app problem.

Once you have updated Graphics driver, restart your PC and see if you’re able to fix the Netflix app not working on Windows 10.

Reinstall Graphics Card Driver

1.Press Windows Key + R then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open Device Manager.

2.Expand Display adapters and then right-click on your NVIDIA graphic card and select Uninstall.

2.If asked for confirmation select Yes.

3.Press Windows Key + X then select Control Panel.

4.From Control Panel click on Uninstall a Program.

5.Next, uninstall everything related to Nvidia.

manufacturer’s website .

5.Once you are sure that you have removed everything, try installing the drivers again.

Method 4: Deleting the mspr.hds file

The mspr.hds file is used by Microsoft PlayReady which is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) program used by most of the online streaming services including Netflix. The file name mspr.hds itself implies the Microsoft PlayReady HDS file. This file is stored in the following directories:

For Windows: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\
For MacOS X: /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/PlayReady/

By deleting the mspr.hds file you will force Windows to create a new one which will be error-free. To delete mspr.hds file follows the below steps:

1.Press Windows Key + E to open Windows File Explorer.

2.Now double-click on the C: drive (Windows drive) to open.

3.From the search box that is available on the top right corner, search for the mspr.hds file.

Note: Or else you can directly navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\

4.Type mspr.hds in the search box and hit Enter. Wait until the search is completely finished.

5.Once the search is completed, select all the files under mspr.hds.

6.Press the delete button on your keyboard or right-click on any one file and select the delete option from the context menu.

7.Once all the files related to mspr.hds are deleted, restart your computer.

Once the computer restarts, again try to run the Netflix app and it might run without any issues.

Method 5: Flush DNS and Reset TCP/IP  

Sometimes Netflix app does not connect to the internet because it is trying to resolve the server IP address for the entered URL which maybe not be valid anymore and that is why it is not able to find the corresponding valid server IP address. So, by flushing the DNS and resetting the TCP/IP your problem may be fixed. To flush DNS follow the below steps:

this guide to open Elevated Command Prompt.

2.Type the following commands one by one and press Enter after typing each command:

3.Reboot your PC to save changes, and you will be good to go.

After completing the above steps, the TCP/IP address will be reset. Now, try to run the Netflix app & the problem may be resolved.

Method 6: Change the DNS Server Address 

1.Press Windows Key + I to open Settings then click on the Network & Internet.

2.Make sure to click on Status then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Network and Sharing Centre link.

3.Click on your network connection (Wi-Fi), and click on the Properties button.

4.Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and again click on the Properties button.

5.Checkmark “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the following in respective fields:

6.Save the settings and reboot.

Method 7: Install the Latest Version of Silverlight

Microsoft website and then install it. After the installation is complete, restart your computer and check if your problem is resolved or not.

Method 8: Reinstall the Netflix App  

If none of the above methods work, then uninstall your Netflix app and reinstall it again. This method may be able to resolve your problem.

To uninstall Netflix app follow the below steps:

1.Type control in the Windows search bar then click on the top result to open Control Panel.

2.Click on Uninstall a program link under Programs.

3.Scroll down and find the Netflix app on the list.

4.Now right-click on the Netflix app and select Uninstall.

5.Click on Yes when asking for confirmation.

6.Restart your computer the Netflix app will be completely removed from your device.

download it from the Microsoft Store and install it.

8.Once you install the Netflix app again, the problem may be resolved.

Method 9: Check Netflix status

search for it here .


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Hopefully, using one of the above methods you may be able to Fix Netflix App Not Working On Windows 10 and you will be able to enjoy Netflix videos again without any interruption.